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Sherwood Heights – Home of the Cougars


At Sherwood Heights, you will experience the good feelings that come from successes in your academic and extra-curricular life. In addition, you will enjoy making many new friends during the year.

At Sherwood Heights, you will be offered a wide variety of learning experiences in your core subjects and many option choices. Maximize your successes this year by setting high goals for yourself, and then be determined to meet them.

We are proud of our school and its traditions – in academics, athletics, fine arts and student activities.

The exceptional educational programs of French Immersion, Academic Excellence, Logos, and IMPACT provide an enhancement to the junior high curriculum offered at Sherwood Heights. In addition, our superb and diverse option areas of applied technologies, art, band, computers, drama, fashion, French, foods, outdoor education, leadership, service, activity +, and of course the many extra-curricular activities, provide our students with tremendous opportunities to grow as a young adults. Parents are very happy with the variety of courses offered and I have already heard from students that the choices made available greatly add to their enjoyment of the junior high experience.

If you have any questions about the operation or programs of the school please do not hesitate to call or stop in for a cup of coffee.

Sherwood Heights

Principal:  Amit Mali
Assistant Principals: Aaron Tuckwood and Taylor Burton (Acting)

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