2023 – 2024 Logos Executive Team

2023 – 2024 Elk Island Logos Society Board

This volunteer board is composed of up to nine elected officers and appointed school representatives.   Job descriptions for the positions can be found by clicking here.   It is the board’s desire to provide direction to the Logos Alternative Christian Program.  We work together with the Elk Island Pubic School division administration to meet the distinctive(s) of our Alternative program.

Board PositionName / Years RemainingContact
PresidentMichael Schnell
(2 years remaining)
Vice PresidentGreg Richard
(1 Year remaining)
SecretaryTheresa Mackenzie
(2 years remaining)
TreasurerMark Nahnybida
(1 Year remaining)
Director 1
Current Focus: Social Media / Communications / Fundraising
Angela Gerber
(2 Years remaining)
Director 3
Current Focus: Professional Learning
Randy Bouwers
(1 Year remaining)
Director 3
(2 years remaining on term)
Director 4
Current Focus: Teacher Care / Prayer
Annelies Bronder
(1 Years remaining)
Director 5Vacant*
(2 years remaining on term)
Brentwood School RepKindra Varty
(School Reps are appointed each year)
Sherwood Heights School RepKristen Mast
(School Reps are appointed each year)

*Portfolios of Directors are fluid and can change as needs of the Society changes.
The vacant positions may be filled with different roles/titles.
If you have a thought for a role in the society, please contact the EILS President.