Elk Island Logos Society

Christian Education in Our Public Schools

What We Do as a Society

The Elk Island Logos Society exists to serve schools, parents, and community members who support the Purpose and Principles of the Logos Christian Program.

After incorporating in 1997, the Elk Island Logos Society adopted the Logos Program Proposal from Edmonton Public Schools and worked closely with Elk Island Public Schools to develop the program for this school district. The Society brought forward the proposal to the Elk Island Public Board of Trustees in January, 1998. The program was ultimately approved and implemented in three Elk Island Public Schools in September, 1998. The program has now grown to over 350 students (Sept. 2010) in 3 schools spread through grades K-9.

The Elk Island Logos Society maintains an important and positive working relationship with Elk Island Public Schools. The Society is involved in the following areas on an ongoing basis:

Advisory Role to Elk Island Public Schools

The society acts in an advisory role with Elk Island Public Schools with respect to the ongoing development, implementation, evaluation of the Logos Christian Program, and issues involving the theology of the program. The Society has played a vital role in the long-term vision for two K-6 streams of Logos, and one 7-9 stream, at Brentwood, Westboro, and Sherwood Heights schools respectively.

Marketing and Community Awareness activities

The society works to educate the community about this Christian program being offered in public schools, and establish a strong basis of growth in enrollment.


The society works closely with Elk Island Public Schools in developing information packages for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents.

Program communications

The society issues a periodic newsletter to parents in order to communicate the ongoing activities at each school and of the society.

Christian Celebrations

The society plans at least one opportunity each year for parents and staff to gather together to fellowship and to worship and thank God for this amazing program. We also support Logos Representatives from each school with planning chapel times.