The Elk Island Logos Society

Our History

After incorporating in 1997, the Elk Island Logos Society adopted the Logos Program Proposal from Edmonton Public Schools and worked closely with Elk Island Public Schools to develop the program for our school district. The Society brought forward the proposal to the Elk Island Public Board of Trustees in January, 1998. The program was ultimately approved and implemented in three Elk Island Public Schools in September, 1998.

The Logos Christian Alternative Program was the first Christian program offered by Elk Island Public Schools.  That philosophy of bringing together the Public School System and Christian Education is born out even today in our value of integration into schools housing the main public and other programs.  We want to be a community in a community.

By September 2010, the Logos Christian Alternative Program had grown to approximately 350 students in three schools spanning K-9.  In March 2023, with declining enrolment for a number of factors, the Board of Trustees voted to amalgamate the two elementary programs at Brentwood Elementary starting in September 2023.  We currently have approximately 250 students in two schools spanning K-9.

Who We Are

The Elk Island Logos Society is you.  We are a volunteer run organization that continues on the original vision and purpose of the original parents that came together to form this non-traditional Christian Education experience.   We are a group that believes in learning and growing in a Christian faith based environment while still fully in the world around us.  As one of our values has always been to provide the program without a program fee attached, we also need all families to be part of our program.  You have the ability to be part of your child’s spiritual formation in a public school environment!

What We Do as a Society

The Elk Island Logos Society exists to serve schools, parents, and community members who support the Purpose and Principles of the Logos Christian Program.

The Elk Island Logos Society maintains an important and positive working relationship with Elk Island Public Schools. The Society is involved in the following areas on an ongoing basis:

Advisory Role to Elk Island Public Schools

The society acts in an advisory role with Elk Island Public Schools with respect to the ongoing development, implementation, evaluation of the Logos Christian Program, and issues involving the theology of the program. The Society has played a vital role in the long-term vision of Logos.

Marketing and Community Awareness activities

The society works to educate the community about this Christian program being offered in public schools, and establish a strong basis of growth in enrolment.


The society works closely with Elk Island Public Schools in developing information packages for Administrators, Teachers, and Parents.  Additionally we strive to make information available to families involved in the Logos Christian Program that might help them engage in the program fully.

Christian Ethos in our Community

The society works with the schools administration to bring a Christian Education environment into the school experience for Logos students beyond the specific classroom the student is in.  Whether this be direct leading of clubs or prayer times, or helping resource teachers with chapels or other programs.